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You Were Meant to See This

Today on a walk, I saw a few people. Two of them were laughing and thanking one another for something they obviously found helpful. It made me smile to see them treating each other kindly and led me to thinking that I was meant to see and hear them, if only to smile about it. I began to tell myself that I am meant to see that home, that plant, that tree. I am meant to smell those flowers and blossoms. I am meant to feel that wind and the refreshing raindrops. I didn't have an immediate answer as to why but just acknowledging the simple idea brought me to a perspective where everything matters. Although we don't always understand why, we do see, hear, smell, and feel everything on purpose. The more we believe that to be true, the more we find it in the smallest of ways and discover a synchronistic universe. At times that can be a difficult concept to grasp if it is not a pleasant experience. Yet, as we grow and mature, we can realize that it still holds true and hope to understand it someday more fully. Let's take time to acknowledge that everything is happening with reasons that may eventually reveal themselves and open to a meaningful walk through life.

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