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The Purposeful March Towards April and May

It has been an unusual month. The air feels full of messages, emotions, and dreams, yet it remains challenging to decipher what is meant to be shared or meant to be kept private. “Is it time to act or stay still?”, or “What do I do next?” These may be prevalent questions that cause a lot of back-and-forth movement between our personal and public personas making our lives seem unstable. In this atmosphere, we may feel unsure of how to proceed to the point of feeling stuck in circumstances, habits, and life in general. While the next step remains elusive, we may be tempted to act prematurely. However, we can choose to view this period as a gift to us that has great purpose. We can purposely prepare for the next step. These periods are a part of a grand design that knows when we may need to sit back, unwind, and get some extra rest. As we remember the importance of stopping to rest and take a breath, we can receive the gift of March.

Whenever unsure periods arise in life, encourage yourself to get quiet, create space for something new, and let life flow with more vibrant energy. Give yourself permission to rest without feeling guilty about not doing enough. Dedicate some moments to clear your mind, body, and soften any of life’s frazzled edges. What has accumulated and needs to be simplified? Where can you release rigidity for flexibility? Be brave enough to question fear, anger, and insecurities. Have a conversation with them. Examine why they are present and open your heart and mind to release their grasp on your life. Take a step back to look at all you have done and learned through the years to appreciate how far you have come in your life. Observe and absorb the sun, your surroundings, and what is already within you that provides comfort, support, and warmth. Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Restore life energy. Get in touch with a vibration that feels loving and healing by quieting to listen to your wisest, highest mind. Let it guide you towards having love and gentleness for yourself so that you can choose to move with confidence provided by love instead of doubt or being pushed by fear. By giving yourself time out for softer energies, you are allowing a crucial part of a desired state of balance to unfold naturally.

           Moving forward, continue to allow the effects of old ideas, views, cycles, thoughts, and feelings to decrease by acknowledging their existence and understanding with compassion why they have been a part of your life. Gently redirect your focus to what represents new ideas, views, cycles, thoughts, and feelings. Look for signs, symbols, and synchronicities that align with your inner wisdom, courage, and visions. By diligently continuing this process, a new path and direction that enters, has an opportunity to strengthen. When Uranus and Jupiter meet in the sky on April 20th, they represent an archetypal energy that can shift our lives and provide inspiration towards this new, powerful direction. Then, as Uranus begins to cover new territory in May, we can feel extra ambitious about exploring possibilities presented to us. Take advantage of the clearing opportunity of March, the energy in April, and the forward drive of May. By appreciating the grand sequence and timing of events, we have an opportunity to engage with empowering energies that want us to live a magnificent, meaningful life.

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