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Who We Are

We are people wanting a life we love and ready to make necessary changes to strengthen our individualism while adding powerful voices to our communities.​We believe that we are born valuable, on purpose, and with love already in us that can get lost in a world that often devalues love. When we access that love, we realize its power to heal and co-create our lives. We believe this requires dedication to quieting outer voices to hear our own inner voice full of wisdom, strength, and guidance.

We are not fancy or flashy or in need of big toys and money, but we do want to live in a big, loving universe. We believe in the powerful energies of the universe to provide consistent comfort and support that often we forget to accept and end up feeling alone. Sometimes, we need reminders of connection and encouragement to open to it. We are here to offer support by sharing what we are learning on our healing quests for those who choose this soul journey to a life full of love.

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