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Saturn in Pisces Creates Necessary Duality

Saturn in Pisces, the South Node in Libra, and the Eclipses are all powerful contributors to our growing awareness and responsibility to live more balanced lives. The potent atmosphere may have many of us feeling dizzy and tired as imbalances and extremes grab our attention, yet we can allow the energy to flow through us. Our current experience has great purpose in recovering what was temporarily unconscious territory. This is a powerful opportunity to heal wounds from lifetimes and generations to restore a truer self for the world. Although these extreme energies can cause confusion and distractions, let’s regain some focus as we tune into Saturn in Pisces for more understanding of the journey.


While this planet climbs, swims, or slides through the Pisces territory, he represents a dual purpose of working with old cycles and ways of being while simultaneously preparing for new pathways. In our everyday lives, this dual role may cause frustration, anger, weariness, isolation, confusion, and/or overwhelm. Hold on, have faith in love, and continue to persevere by slowing down, relooking, and reviewing what comes up in your life. Be open, give time to clear, and accept what matters are brought to your attention as the necessary work to be done. Believe in the healing possibilities by listening to your inner voice and wisdom for whatever movement is personally required.


As Saturn works his way through Pisces, his mission is not harshness, strictness, isolation, and punishment. Although we may have experienced much of our lives in this way, we are being invited to let go of the old ways of being. As we open to bring restorative, healing energies into our bodies, minds, and soul, we may also have to open to wounds, hurts, disappointments, and challenging experiences. Believing this inner work is important and affects the world can help us take responsibility for reactivating the power within our own physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual bodies. Take note of what can be incorporated into your life to restore well-being, health, energy, and most of all love—love for life and for yourself. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of life, you are meant to work through and learn from extremes.


When life has you feeling off-balance, unstable, or at one extreme or another take time to look at the circumstances with courage to learn what aligns with your heart. If indecision starts affecting your equilibrium, picture yourself on a balancing beam. Close your eyes to feel where each choice leads you. Are you leaning too much on one side or the other? For as long as it takes, tune in and listen to your inner voice, teacher, and guidance system. As contrasting as it may seem, your willingness to gently go with the ebb and flow of life provides strength and momentum for a new, more direct path. By slowing down movement, you will be able to notice what feels unaligned and courageously choose to move forward in a much healthier, steadier, unified way.


When Saturn reaches the later degrees of Pisces next year and works with Uranus in Taurus, they will be creating even more helpful, stable energies for us to access. Experiencing instability is an important part of this process. Being able to hold contrasting energies in proper perspective, allows our consciousness to open and expand to recover more of it. Extremes mellow out as we see the purpose in them. Keep loving and valuing yourself through it all. Make decisions for your own inner balance. To heal, this is the required work Saturn invites us to do. This powerful time is not meant for arrogance and cruelty but for deep healing through a willingness to soften and lighten while allowing what is necessary for our continued journey of restoration. When we embrace the archetypal energy of Saturn, we are very capable of doing the required work to restore our beautiful lives.


Our mission, along with Saturn, is to advance our lives by accepting that all we have experienced has purpose. Let’s choose to find value in what we came to Earth to learn and appreciate what Its lessons have taught us. Allow the responsible energy of Saturn in Pisces into your heart—not to be feared—but to strengthen core values, inner wisdom, natural protection, and expansion. As your loving and compassionate vibration moves outward beyond your physical body, you are creating a vibrational frequency with huge therapeutic possibilities. Allowing these helpful energies that want a loving life of higher vision and forthrightness to unfold through you is a great way to take responsibility for your part in the whole. This Universe needs your recovery, bravery, and continued fortitude to move forward in loving diversity and brilliance

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