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A Series of Fortunate Events

Updated: Apr 24

We are at the midpoint of important life cycles. This could mean both old and new cycles. Some we have been trying to end. Some we may be trying to begin. At this time, check in to see just where you are within any cycle of your life. The sky represents this as the perfect time with Saturn at 15 degrees of Pisces, the North Node at 15 degrees of Aries, and the South Node at 15 degrees of Libra—the midpoint of these signs. In addition, with the Sun having squared Pluto on April 21st ,Venus and Mercury to follow in May, and Mars squaring Pluto in June, these next several weeks will be a great time to reflect back when Pluto was at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Zero degrees is a significant placement—a brand new starting point. In Aquarius, it can signify the beginning of a lighter, clearer, more streamlined quality to the air we breathe. From January to now, Pluto has progressed from 0 to 2 degrees. Has there been advancement in your life? Examine the nitty gritty details for the slightest movement. Look at the smallest possibilities and ways that have contributed to any part of your life that feels different, lighter, truer, or more authentically aligned to the person you love to be. These squares to Pluto are helpful in reviewing what we may have temporarily forgotten or put on the backburner because we may have been too busy and preoccupied with larger, more noticeable events. The square aspect introspects. Like the midpoint, it can be a check-in point. Let’s review the helpful reminders these squares to Pluto bring to our souls' attention starting with the Sun.


Near the end of January, when the Sun and Pluto entered Aquarius together, their conjunction may have begun an in-depth look at yourself. Was there a truer identity resonating with you that may have needed to be cultivated and nurtured? Perhaps you called it your future self or a former self. Maybe it was the real you—the one you already knew in your heart. Are you still embracing this identity? Are you any closer to who you love to be? Are you involving your heart and passions in decision-making? As the Sun squares Pluto, he asks you to take another look. What can you do or continue that helps you gain clarity and strength in the person you saw inside yourself back in January? The Sun wants you to continue clearing old patterns and ways that interfere with your vibrant energy. Persevere! You can do it! He cheers you on.


Mercury met Pluto at 0 degrees in early February and will square this planet in May. Mercury may have brought up new ideas and thoughts on ways to express and communicate who you are or want to be. Your head may have filled up with ideas, questions, and answers that caused an overloaded mind, scattered thinking, and miscommunications. Mercury’s current retrograde in Aries wants you to take time and slow down. Let ideas come through quiet and listening for the ones that match your heartfelt desires. The Mercury square asks, “Are you still rehashing old thoughts? Are you holding too much in your head and causing a mess?” It urges you to let the excess thoughts and ideas drop away from your head. Allow your ideas time to align with your heart so that you can express yourself from a more meaningful, centered, and stable place. Are you keeping supportive thoughts alive for your new journey? The square reminds you of their availability and ability to replace doubts, worries, and pressures that may have you prematurely react.


Mars and Venus met with Pluto at 0 degrees in mid-February. They wanted to loosen the old, restrictive standards and integrate a newer, more passionate, creative dance. Practice was needed. Their dance towards an internal balance despite external chaos meant working together as a team. Masculine and Feminine energy imbalances, whether contained within or without, may have been brought up for our attention so that we would begin the real work of uniting by practicing the dance while allowing its powerful, graceful movements to unfold. A balance of movement was required—not too fast—not too slow. Mars and Venus’s meeting with Pluto and each other urged us to enjoy the process more and not to push too hard or take extreme measures. In February, did something find its way to remind you of love and go with its flow? What was being brought up for rebirth and rebalance in your life?


As Venus squares Pluto in May, she will remind you to step up to take your rightful position, even if you require more practice. Love the dance expressed uniquely through you. Are you reminding yourself that you are valuable and needed for this dance to be completed? Continue telling yourself you are good enough just the way you are and let your internal light shine through. What makes you feel beautiful inside and out, balanced, and important in the flow of life? You will attract what matches your energy so continue to clear out what is not loving towards yourself by dancing your dance no matter how imperfectly you begin.


When Mars gets to Taurus in June, he will meet with a retrograde Pluto and want you to feel strong and empowered yet willing to listen and align actions with a loving heart for a passionate dance. Mars advises you to check to see what the Sun, Mercury, and Venus have laid out to accomplish. Have you laid the groundwork by reflecting, questioning, listening, allowing, and accepting? Do you feel the importance of sharing your true identity with the world? With the ground prepared, Mars can help you feel ready to carry out the steps needed. You may be prompted to move forward. What can you do at this point? Even if the steps are small, they will be stable ones that are aligned to your heart and therefore meaningful to you. Like Mars, you have been prepared through a series of aspects to lead from your heart with confidence and courage.


Check in by quietly exploring what the Sun brought to life, what Mercury reflected, and how Venus and Mars danced in your life. Wherever you started at that zero degrees, the planets and aspects are still inviting you to participate lovingly in the dance and want to support your efforts to practice it. At midpoint, you might feel tired and want to give up. Let these squares remind you of who you truly are. Give your mind and heart a chance to clear and align to move in the direction of your heartfelt desires. This is an integrative process that doesn’t happen overnight. Be patiently in sync with divine timing and the sequence of events that support your endeavors and evolution. Though these midpoints and squares may be challenging, choosing to view all the Universe has to offer as a series of fortunate events can help you persevere.

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