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Words of a Watery Moon

I need to know the reason behind every action, word, and emotion. Yes, I examine each one as much as my awareness allows to the point of exhaustion, except it is usually to the point of another’s exhaustion. My clarification tires out even the highest analytical mind. I do my best to consider that and privately process the overload of information that filters through me. And then, I do my best to share only what I am led to, but that is not always clear or done well. When you get close to me, it may be done well less and less. Are you afraid? Annoyed? Disappointed? At first, did you think I was almost perfect, a goddess, or an enlightened being? While you feel close to me, I am only feeling closer to you because you don’t even know me yet. There is a lot more to accept. Buckle up for I have only begun to open the layers that reside in my Soul.

You assumed all was uncovered or at the least uncoverable. You thought your intelligence and analytical skills helped you read another well and there would be no surprises that you could not anticipate. You are right to be afraid if you are clinging to certainty for I cannot give you that when I don’t even choose it for myself. Did you think the unconscious would be easy when you willingly ventured into its realms? You must have been thinking about it in a worldly way then. It is mystical, infinite, and continually unfolding. If you thought you could figure it all out by now, stop thinking so much and try to enjoy the ride.

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