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Where is the Buried Treasure?

We all may have wished to find buried treasure at one point in our lives, but with adulthood came responsibilities, struggles, and pressures to live a certain way. We learned more about toughness, cynicism, anger, and defensiveness. Needless to say, the buried treasure became hidden even deeper in all the dirt, rocks, and stones that we, with the help of others, threw over to cover it. Our treasure got lost as we wandered away from its location even further. We focused on other things like issues, rights and wrongs, violence, and all that was wrong on this earth. It became our new self as we could not separate ourselves from a place that we are connected to so intimately. Earth, nature, creation, and the messages of the universe want to bring you back to that treasure you misplaced. Listen to them and the peace they wish to restore.

We have gotten lost in the emphasis on material and physical attainment. Because we live in this 3D construct, we easily forget that love goes beyond the world we see, but we strive to make it a tangible part. Therefore, we transfer that desire to have love to the things and people in our life. That’s not a bad thing except when it gets to the extreme, which it has. We may have chosen to get it through our surroundings in a very physical way but if we do not choose to see it in our self, the real treasure remains lost. This buried treasure that we deeply know exists is all about the love we have inside of us. We know that once we find it, we will not need to judge, condemn, and hate others because we will understand that we are connected through this treasure—this love. We have reached a crossroads. We need to decide between restoring that loving version of the self or continuing to be preoccupied with what others need to do. That does not mean we lose ourselves, our ways, our opinions, but it does mean that we treat others and all creation with honor, respect and integrity as we realize that they are treasures too. It is time to go deep within to start digging up the stones and dirt in our own heart and mind.

The buried treasure is still there, but it requires strength and willingness to remove all that has accumulated over time and trials. These lessons in life have been tough but also have provided tools of perseverance to help with this task. As challenging as it may seem to find the treasure, it is more challenging to continue living in status quo without it. Do we really want to continue in misery, pain, war, and cruelty? There really is no better choice than to start the dig today. We all have the capability within to do it. We all have a desire for inner peace, but we may have been focusing on the outer violence, disruptions, and even the littlest of annoyances. From that vantage point, we do not feel in control of our own fears. We might expect something or someone outside of us to take care of them. Peace and love won’t happen around us until we view it and begin living it from the inside first. Have we taken the steps we need to restore this peace within our self? Are our family, friends, relationships, and life feeling peaceful? What needs to be done for our peace to be restored in the mind, body, and soul?

With strength and commitment to uncover and rediscover the lovely truth in us—the love that has always been and will continue with or without physical possessions—we will move out of darkness. Our choice to hold unto it in the depths of our own darkness will move us forward into the light we seek. When we decide to notice love instead of hate, have acceptance instead of righteousness, and choose bravery to explore internally instead of fear from what we see externally, we begin to retrieve this lost, buried treasure. We will stop focusing on all the wrong places that we thought it was hiding. We will look within for our buried treasure and be the love we wish to see in the world.

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