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Where Is Love?

I believe in powerful stuff! Not that it is always easy to stay true to powerful beliefs, but eventually, I get back to willingness more often and at a quicker pace. I am grateful for willingness because it is a gentle opening to beliefs that are sometimes difficult to grasp especially when it comes to love. I choose to be in love, by love, and for love because if life isn't about love, it just doesn't feel very powerful to me.

We all have our own ideas on what love is, but on this day, let's get in touch with the very core of what that means. The beginning forces that created this magnificent world are still evident and all around for us to tap into. Some kind of loving energy had to create this beautiful Earth, and we are all connected to it and can learn to be more aware of its value. The more willing we are to do that, the more we allow that loving force to become part of us. We only have to look for a minute in nature to become aware of our nature. When we are willing to connect to it every day, we become that very powerful force called love.

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