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Visualization to Ground Wild Thoughts

What does it mean to let thoughts go? They come and they go, but where from and where to? I imagine them around me in the energies of people, trees, skies, earth, and stars. They are all around and when one catches my attention and enters my psyche, it gets filtered through my mind. What I make of it depends on the intention of my heart and my state of awareness. Out of all the thoughts that I am bombarded with, how do I decide what needs to be let go of? I have to allow some to go, or I could drive myself crazy trying to remember them all.

I tell myself the ones that I need to know will remain in my heart. Then I imagine the other ones gently floating to the ground where they will become fertilizer, and the potential for growth and transformation into new energy. As they settle there, I open more to the person I already am while waiting for the blossoms of new to emerge into being.

Through this visualization, I loosen their grip on my mind. I don't have to hold unto them tightly and cause stress because they are never truly lost. If important, they will return stronger than before. The more I allow this, the more room I have for thoughts that nourish me and my environment and lessen mental strain.

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