Transform Your Mind or Lose It

Went from fear-based thinking to empowerment this morning within a couple hours. It all felt very necessary as it represented transforming energy within the mind. It is possible when we are willing to do it. Distractions and details of life can get in the way. Sometimes we need to step away from all the details to refresh and revive an empowering vision that we have for our lives. This helps us get unstuck from the daily grind and provides a reason to take needed steps in a direction that brings more meaning to our existence. This is necessary for our health and well-being. We have to take time to remember and believe in the possibilities. Time may mean months, even years, but it can also mean days or hours. You may have to look closely at small ways to shift your perceptions. Whatever way works for you, stay vigilant to allow expansion throughout your life. Giving up is tempting to do when you lose yourself in what is happening around instead of seeing what is in you first.

What is in you? After all the anger, resentment, bitterness, disappointment, cynicism, apathy, defeatism, depression, fear, frustration, the lows, and even the highs, is there anything left in you after that? YES! Of course, there is. No matter how buried it might be within you, you have strength to expand on. You have love to give. You have peace to experience. You have the real you that accepts imperfections while attempting to remain strong enough to love unconditionally. Love yourself so that you can transform your energy and go about the life you were born to live. Step away from all the evidence you have stacked up in favor of being a lost cause. Turn your direction to something beyond all criticism and the damage it does. Be willing to open your heart to another way that heals and helps you transform your mind and energy. It is in you because it is in me. You can do this. You have to do this.

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