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Three Tears Douse the Fire

Deep, meaningful love-the kind that values peaceful resolution to conflict, where we have to become vulnerable enough to know when to bear our heart and soul or when to simply walk away in forgiveness of what is not meant for us to resolve-takes commitment, devotion, and tears. Yes, on that path to deep love of Self, there will be tears-happy, sad, and ones that release all the overwhelm we feel when we just don't know what to do, say, think, or be in the world anymore. Today, I cry a mixture of all three tears.

The push and pull energy have been tiring. First, being brave in the unknown, then unsure of that very feeling, I attempt to remain appreciative of its blessings while tempted to feel lost and alone. Fear of action turning into another dead end threatens my stability in being led by connection. How do I be brave? In tears, I let go of worry and struggle. I look towards the skies for understanding.

Venus and Mars are in the fire sign of Leo. The Aries Moon joins the heat for a couple of days, adding pressure to act, yet the Sun in the water sign of Cancer pulls strongly on this energy. It asks for another look at something inside of us that brings up emotion in need of understanding, healing, and releasing before any movement forward. It is safe to cry. We must release heaviness not meant for the journey ahead. It wants our honesty and integrity -the purest light to shine through us unto our path-as we patiently heal in love, by love, and for love.

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