There is Love in Standing Up

Even when we are angry and stand up for ourselves, we can still remain harmless. At times we get angry enough to speak our piece. It can be very healthy to let someone know we feel mistreated. If they value us, they may understand but that does not mean changes will be made easily or at all. If it continues, we have to decide what that means for us. What do we need to do differently? How can we hold on to our value and worth without resorting to bitterness and resentment because others refuse to see and act in ways that do not reflect our value to us? That is a tough and very personal call. Do we walk away or stay? The answer requires lots of introspection. Let’s explore what staying means.

To me, staying means remaining truthful and loyal to myself first and foremost. Standing in love for myself has taken years of learning. Having a temper has given me the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson—how to be angry without harming anyone—myself included. It is not always easy, but staying in tune with my needs, values, desires, strengths, and weaknesses has led me to loving and accepting myself and others better. Even with imperfections, we are love and deserve love. It is already within providing strength to decide when to speak, what to say, and the right move to make in every circumstance. When we choose to be helpful not harmful, everyone benefits and whether we walk away or not, we stay standing strong in love, by love, for love.

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