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The Shadow Knows

The moon darkened Jupiter briefly this morning as it passed by in Aquarius. Jupiter’s brilliance was stifled by its energy but not for long. That moment, however short, still remains important to learn from. What was learned? There are still things from the past that need to be looked at and dealt with. They can offer a better understanding of current events. Still, nothing to dwell on and get stuck in, but as we recognize these shadowy aspects, we can learn what is needed to soften at this time instead of harshly rejecting it. It is not about the pain, but the lesson learned from a past situation that needs to be applied to one we are in now.

We all share in these darkened areas and must accept them as part of the collective energy running through us. Disregarding them no longer works as existing shadows in the world become more apparent. Only in acceptance will we gain the knowledge needed to increase clarity and solutions. This is not meant to get rid of the dark but live with it and its lessons. As we face the sunlight, let us remember that our roots are based in darkness. While the Sun shines and we allow its warmth to penetrate our bodies, we have a new opportunity, a new perspective, and a chance to recognize the power we hold within us. Just as Jupiter comes back to brilliance, so must we. Not by hiding our deepest shadows but by finding the knowledge that resides in them.

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