The Sacred Stretch

Dissect, investigate, reveal truths. But as we do, open to them becoming a larger mystery with more unanswered questions and without conclusion. That is the sacred stretch we are learning here. You won't feel led all of the time. Sometimes you stretch to feel alone. Exploring is important and inevitable in growth yet it is easy to get lost. Remember you can always and must return to be led. Though you may have gone off on a tangent-if only in the mind-there is always a return to what is already within you-your strong intuition, heart, and soul. There you can expand into what you learned in a calm and peaceful manner that knows how to proceed. There you will find your connected self.

Connection forgotten is misuse of power. Connection with an agenda becomes a useless tool. Connect to connect is all you can do or lose sight of truth. It will bring with it whatever is needed in the moment. Relax your mind to unwind one filament of space and time. No rush, no worry, calm inside.

You've stretched and searched. It's not wrong. Just remember with each discovery, you must absorb energies and light that expand internally. Remember the importance of letting intentions of growth go wherever they are meant to, where you may not yet know.

Today, I honor you in gratitude for your beautiful mind that perhaps knew before I did that we had reached a truth. Are you honoring yourself? Am I? We are learning about balance without each other, or are we? You inspired me to go deeper into my heart to unravel words. Those thoughts left in the mind, would surely explode. Yet they had time there for the sacred stretch I had to learn. May you find that sacred balance within the stretch as we both honor and cherish the ongoing dance with its mystery in love, by love, and for love.

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