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The Bigger Picture

It’s exciting to see the representation in the sky at this time and what it means for us. Let’s start with Neptune in Pisces holding a very prominent position between Pluto and Uranus. She knows the slow transformation process that Pluto is in charge of and monitors the disruptions and changes Uranus directs to keep the shocks and surprises within reason—just enough for awareness to grow. The entirety of the plan is not visible yet. Sequence and timing is important—too often missed in haste.

As Neptune keeps watch over Mercury and Mars across the sky in Virgo, she reminds them life is not just about how much you can accomplish in a day. Too much, too quickly, too soon can cause too much chaos. She encourages us all to slow down to feel the Earth energies that we are all a part of. Spend time listening to take care of our bodies as well as the Earth before rushing in wildly and haphazardly from one thing to the next.

Yes, although this new moon at 23 degrees of Leo can mean a fresh, exciting new start, it doesn’t have to mean we have not taken the time to tune into our inner wisdom and guidance to consider the bigger picture—not just our own little views and limited perceptions about what is best. It is no mistake that Mars trines Uranus also at 23 degrees in this year of 2023 bringing great emphasis on the importance of listening to this year’s messages.

2023 reduces to a seven. Although that can mean destruction, it also means divine intervention for necessary restructuring and rebuilding in a much wiser, compassionate, and considerate manner. We have an opportunity to listen to this inner guidance and wisdom that Neptune supports that will lead us to a bigger picture beyond our expectations and our destructive ways of racing to get ahead.

This new start is about the whole and our accountability to it. Each and every one of us has a part to contribute. Will we choose based solely on our individual gain or will we choose to stop, listen, and allow inner guidance and wisdom to unfold for the bigger picture that knows what we need to share to gain true prosperity? It is a choice we make every day in every decision no matter how small. So start small, start somewhere, start today for that bigger picture.

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