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The Adventures of Venus

I am excited about living a life I love for the rest of my life. That would be the energy of Venus in Leo. Yes, it feels bizarre as the unknown looms ahead. That would be Uranus in Taurus squaring Venus. Saturn energy is still in the mix, and as Venus and Saturn faced each other across the sky just a couple days ago, I feel that energy still playing out as Venus ventures into the energy of the Uranus square.

Knowing Venus had to break free and open to her own life and ideas, Saturn offered what support he could from a distance for her to remain as balanced as she could through any major transitions. He had given his time, energy, and wisdom while trying to live an exemplary life. It was time for her to feel free to discover and express herself in the world. He hoped he had taught well. Though difficult to watch her struggle to figure things out for herself, he knew she was strong, capable, and full of love. Making decisions based in love would be her saving grace. He could not rescue her from the world, lest he diminish her own sovereignty, but he would always be there to comfort her even at a distance. He had also learned from her by listening to her needs and acknowledging them so that she would know her value. He remembered her last visit fondly, how with strength and some tears, he had waved goodbye, knowing that time around, she would not return the same. She would need him to not be the same also.

With that wave and growing confidence, Venus was off to explore. She faced challenges and decisions doing her best to remember the love she carried within. She wanted the whole world to feel it like she did but found when she focused too much on others and the external world, she weakened and felt a little lost. Many times, she had wanted to run back to protect herself as a child would, and sometimes did, but when she remembered the love inside of her, decisions became clearer, and challenges opened her up to the beauty of understanding other perspectives. She knew she would return to Saturn for visits, but each time with less dependence on him. Instead of escaping from her difficulties, she would be sharing what she learned with gratitude for his part in giving her the most important lesson she had ever been taught. She knew besides her own loving feminine energy, she carried the energy of the loving parent that Saturn provided. It was always within her. As she explored the world, she would bring it with her wherever she went, relying on its power to heal and give her the strength to carry through. Just as the energy ran through her, it ran through everyone and everything. She would become a carrier doing her best to transmit and awaken it in others. It was a big mission to embrace, but she headed out in love, by love, and for love.

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