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The Absorption Learning Method

Creative energy is absorbed and therefore, it is difficult to teach creativity. We connect to it first by opening and allowing our minds to let go of control. Sometimes it takes a while to absorb its energies. Surrounding ourselves with creative people, with nature, and with whatever inspires us, is the learning method for creativity. I call it the Absorption method of learning.

Take Astrology, for example. I can learn everything about it through books, teachers, and classes, but that is only one level of understanding it, an intellectual one. Sitting still to absorb the energies of the planets, stars, and the atmosphere around me intensifies the learning experience. It helps to give me my own interpretation and voice to what I have learned.

Absorption takes more time, patience, and willingness to release our own thoughts to allow the creative connection of energy to flow naturally through our hearts, minds, and bodies. Yet with time and devotion, it will happen. It will become such a natural part that we probably won’t even notice when it does. We will feel it as growing confidence in our ability to express what we know without refiguring, over-analyzing, and forcing our expression to come out just right for the sake of others’ understanding instead of our own.

Allow yourself that time to absorb what you feel passionate about. Be patient, for this process can be life-long when something is important to you. Sometimes it comes in increments and in little steps taken. Be willing to express what you know as you know it and absorb as you go through life.

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