Sunsexual Healing

Sex synonymous with holiness where the outcome of the encounter gives way to the experience of it, and no matter where you are touched or touching you are ecstatic to your core, permeates the air today. It brings a feeling of contentment.

In contentment, even writing becomes unnecessary. It is my usual way of working through emotions to connect to my loving self for inspiration, but today I am already there. How can I inspire in that energy? I just want to sit in it and soak up its strength like a solar panel preparing to supply power when the sun fades.

Just as the sun shone its light on Pluto yesterday, helping make discoveries he thought dead and buried, I want to share this recovered healing vibration in hopes you take a moment to connect with it, feel it, and sit with it for a while until you are ready to share also. If you have been feeling spiritually exhausted, take this time out for yourself. Join in the rebirth of heaven on earth as we allow our deepest selves to transform and heal through this sacred exchange of energy.

If you are interested in learning more about Pluto's energies, here is Molly McCord’s Soul Exhaustion and Your Natal Pluto Energies - Part 1 ~ Podcast

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