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Release overwhelm and overload of the mind! Worry will be extremely taxing for mental health at this time. As Mercury falls behind the Sun, let your heart and body feel its way forward as the mind rests. It has done so much work to dig up old ideas and thoughts to transform into a new way of life, of thinking, and of being in the world.

The Sun leads the way into our very heart-what feels like home to us. It is ready to lead us on a path we are meant to be on-one of joy, strength, and enlightenment. Let your heart and body feel their way onward. This light in you shines on your path. You are a prism creating many spectacular patterns of color. Return to ancient , wiser ways at a deeper level than ever before, renewed and rebirthed as you have allowed yourself to clear. You have done what you can do for others, encouraging them to do the same. Yes, there will be more, always more. But in the present moment, rest the mind to reflect the embodied light.

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