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Sun Shines for Neptune's Reveal

Shining brightly, the Sun approaches Neptune.

“Hello, Mr. Sun. I am not ready for you to stir me up just yet.”

Sun laughs,” Are you ever ready?”

Neptune reminds Sun, “Just because I have a different approach than you do, does not mean I am never ready for liveliness. Do not disregard or disrespect my important place in the world because it does not look the same as yours. I explore unknown territory, realms mostly unseen in light and outward activity. My power is mysterious and hidden behind mists and veils. It takes dedication, patience, and depth to make it through these clouds, but it is well worth all that can be learned by it. Those who make it through to the other side are wiser, clearer, and stronger than before but cannot do it all in one trip. I am not about instant gratification. Time is a gift to be used wisely. If we are to gain balance between individual power, identity, and personal happiness, we need to include compassion, connection, and understanding. This takes time.

“I must admit, it can be easy to get lost, but once a glimpse of the illusion is seen, the clouds can simply be brushed aside, and the journey continued. No, it is not all fun and games with deep, spiritual work. I am here to support those spiritual seekers in their struggles and remind them to seek inner balance. They cannot force an answer and always figure everything out in the time they allow. They must surrender in faith and let the answer come through the confusion in perfect timing as they stay committed to a Vision of Love. Mere clouds do not stop connection to it. I am a reminder in the darkness and confusion that plagues the world to persevere towards a Universal Truth that resolves confusion imbalance can cause.

“You right. You right,” Sun agrees, not wanting to cause friction. He was about enhancing whatever he touched. He wanted to be a beacon of light and reveal the warmth in every great thing available for him to shine upon so that life could be a celebration full of dancing, singing, and good times. But Neptune for sure was a hard, cold shell to crack. She kept her distance and never seemed to like his approach. He wanted to let her know he was trying to understand her valuable part. “I hear ya, man.”

“I am very much a feminine energy, so I don’t appreciate being referred to as a man.”

“Ok, ok. I get it. I’m on a roll today, aren’t’ I?”

“Save your roles for the stage, Mr. Sun,” Neptune joked.

“Ah, it’s great to hear your sense of humor come through all that misty and veil-y stuff.”

Neptune rolled in her clouds. “My clouds deter many, but my place must be recognized as valuable. You are bright and very noticeable. Your rays are dazzling. You shine your light, and the whole world takes notice, but sometimes a little cooling and calming is required. It is healthy to balance the journey into self-realization with laughter and fun in the sun. I know your importance, and I know mine. We work together to establish a balance. Peace as the intention will bring us closer to the middle ground.

"Everyone has their place in the world, but everyone must seek inner balance for the sake of All. For too long the focus has been on gaining for one side only—for fun, personal freedom, attracting attention, looking great, and collecting stuff for the “good” life. Of course, it came with a cost because to grab our attention that a change in direction was needed, it took extreme measures. I am the direction we must face. Beyond the clouds of confusion, lies wholeness, harmony, and true collective freedom."

Sun beamed with understanding, “I honor and respect all the wisdom, truth, and unity you represent. Together, we will work towards that harmony we both strongly desire.”

Neptune nodded to the Sun and sent a little misty rain to confirm acceptance of working together.

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