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Start Your Aries Moon Energy

Two more days until the full moon in Aries, but I have had enough fullness for the last two weeks that was not just about blessings and gratitude. There were also a ton of worries, fear, and stress. Did anyone feel that intensity? I did my best to overcome it and quiet my mind, but the overwhelm lingered on longer than I wanted. Unable to ignore it, I did my best to process it all. I released tears, wrote, did extra mundane activities, and sometimes I just let it preoccupy my mind when I couldn’t find any other way. Fortunately, it was mixed with great fun and precious family time which provided some relief.

Today, I am feeling extra about new beginnings, fresh starts, and enthusiasm for the road ahead. Maybe this is due to the Aries Moon at zero degrees this morning. Also, with Mars in trine harmony with Jupiter, the sky is truly emphasizing motivation to act on unique ideas, freeing experiences, individual projects and gestures that affect the collective in a big way. No matter how small this independent venture seems, when done in a loving, caring, and considerate manner, it can bless others more than one person intends.

What will we do with all of this powerful energy today? We can start with something as small as a smile and end it with something worth committing to—a new project, a new perspective in life, or a new adventure. Anything that you would love to commit to and recommit to when times seem less empowering. Take advantage of this momentum and get creative even if you think it is only for yourself. We are all sharing this energy together and as a part of the whole, what you do matters. At the full moon, you might be very grateful you did!

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