Simple Visualization for New Beginnings

First, let go of any tension you are feeling with a helpful activity like having a good cry—anything that relieves and empties your excess stress and emotions. Then, get comfortable and take some deep breaths to relax into this visualization.

Picture a setting that you love, a place where you feel safe and at peace. It could be in nature, the beach, a room, or any place you love to be. Close your eyes and imagine what it looks like. What are the colors? See every detail and begin to feel as though you are really there.

What sounds do you hear? Is there music playing that you love? Laughter? Waves crashing to the shore or birds singing through the open air? Take a moment to imagine these while continuing to breathe deeply.

And finally, what do you smell and taste? Is it sweet, salty, fragrant, or fresh? Let the entire experience consume you as your mind freely explores all the sensations for several moments. Feel it wash over you and fill your heart with peace, warmth, and love.

From here, start a new day, intention, plan, conversation, or whatever is on your schedule to begin. Remember the feeling of this visualization whenever you are overwhelmed with emotions and tensions to regain the power of peace and love within you. It only takes a few moments, but the results can expand into a life filled with simple joy and fresh starts.

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