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Seriously Fun

Sincerity is an extremely important value in my life. I know it has pulled me through some sticky situations that might have escalated into a more drama-filled scenario if I had not found value in it. It can, however, cause a seriousness that interferes with the fun, light, and humorous side also necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Playtime often requires deliberate attention from me which is why I am serious about having fun. Moving to Florida after growing up in the cold, gray North helped create a balance between these extremes.

When I first moved to the state with its soothing sunlight, calming beaches, and warming temperatures, fun quickly made its way to the top of my priorities while seriousness lagged behind. Like a swinging pendulum, my life shifted into that direction compensating for the climate I had left. Through many challenging experiences, I learned to reclaim the importance of my serious side and purposely brought it back in to gain equilibrium. Although that side will probably always remain dominant for me, I am grateful for realizing the necessity of having fun, knowing when it is needed, and the activities that help provide it.

With Libra season approaching, it may be an appropriate time for looking at those extremes and how to create more balance. When we have a better idea of how our internal pendulum works and what is required for balance, we are more prepared for handling situations that come up unexpectedly. If someone or something comes along and gives it a shove, it is beneficial to know how to steady it without first being knocked off our feet. Check in to see what your internal pendulum is swinging between and attempt to incorporate a little more of the opposite in life. With awareness and intention, it can eventually even out.

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