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Scary Times

You might think I am talking about the Pandemic, but that has been easy for me to deal with as it gave me the opportunity to hide and retreat to hermit mode. Life is easy on the patio! Building a website and coming forward to share my ideas and life with others is scarier to me than anything I have attempted to do so far in life. Even when I packed up my car and moved to Florida with only a hotel reservation and a credit card, I somehow felt much braver.

Although the planets Venus and Mercury have both moved into Gemini and this is a great time for this type of venture, I am not reassured by them as of yet. I'm hopeful that in time, I will relax and give you the messages of encouragement and support that this website represents.

I have come too far on my soul journey to turn back now. Let me start by telling you why a regular person like myself feels the need to share. First of all, it's not easy for a regular person to have a voice in a world focused on money and fame. I am not about that and can only offer my ideas based on years of experience. I have lived through depression, suicidal thoughts, several unhealthy relationships, the stress of being a single parent, and the rush of living an unwanted life doing what I thought I should.

As I transition from the unwanted life to the life I want and love, I feel the need to share what I have learned through this journey so that others can know it is possible for them. No matter where you stand today in regards to feeling successful in life, I want to help open you to more possibilities for living an abundant life. In a complicated world, we can get lost easily, but we have the power to change that around in simple ways. There is helpful energy all around us.

In this blog, I will be sharing what I am feeling, thinking, and learning about the Universe and its signs, symbols, and synchronicities that give us confirmation that we are powerful and creative beings. I will be offering what I have learned through Astrology, Tarot, and different intuitive means. Although I am nervous to begin opening, I am going to move forward with it. It is time. I hope you join me in this endeavor to live a powerful, meaningful life.

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