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February Skies Light up the Year: Venus Holds the Key


February is such a crucial month as a preview for our entire year. We can look at the planets to see what is important at this time in our lives. Venus is a vital energy in the sky, filled with her recent sextile to Saturn in Pisces and trine to Jupiter in Taurus, she moves forward in Capricorn with true vibrancy and wants to share real love in a way that matters most. While she squares Chiron in Aries today, Venus’s energy invites us to apply a loving, healing practice towards any hurt, pain, childhood wound—whatever is brought up for our attention that’s been interfering with personal growth. This is preparation for a lighter, freer future. What are you seeing in your life that might be getting in the way of true love? Whatever comes along, be gentle, listen deeply, and love yourself through it.

This Venus and Chiron square happens while Mercury meets Pluto at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Daily clearing of mental blocks, mental strain, overthinking, misperceptions, and miscommunications is important to free the mind of misused energy and get to the heart of the matter. We are in the beginning phases of letting go of the remaining fragments from old cycles that no longer resonate in our minds and lives. We can choose a fresh start by redirecting our minds from disempowering thoughts to powerful ones. With a quieted mind, ask yourself, “What is deeply valuable and meant for me to move forward? What thoughts support that?” Have them ready for whenever your mind wanders back to disempowering thoughts.

Also during the first week of February, Venus T-squares the South and North nodes in Libra and Aries, she is ready to transform personal and collective injustices into a means for bettering the balance of life. This new beginning requires passionate, heart-oriented action and letting go of behaviors, beliefs, and energies that hold us back from the path we really desire. Our path may very well be one we have always felt within us since birth.

Whatever is meant for us to release from our minds and hearts will again be addressed when Venus reaches the trine with Uranus in Taurus by the 8th. Uranus, like Saturn and Pluto. wants what is important and foundational to be realized in our lives—although their approaches to getting our attention may differ. To help us become what we are meant to be, Uranus can bring changes whether we are expecting them or not. In Taurus, these fluctuations may involve values and resources. Venus brings love and relationships (this may even include our relationship to money) to the forefront. Shifts that occur at first may seem disruptive, yet if we work through them, we can begin to adjust and understand their necessity We can ask ourselves, “What do I value most regarding my relationships? How do I show my love and receive love? What resources can I share to build lasting, stable relationships that I value?”.

            When Venus sextiles Neptune on the 14th, this can bring beautiful opportunities and moments to life that we can begin to cultivate. Look for a chance to express love, whether it be self-love or towards others. Be romantic, generous, kind, and appreciate beauty wherever and with whomever you find yourself. The more willing we are to open and share true, foundational love from our hearts, the more we can prosper and flourish when Venus meets up with Neptune in Pisces in early April. With this match up, a sense of communion and unity in our surroundings is very possible if we have been willing to bravely keep our hearts open to love.

In collaboration with Venus, Mars enters Aquarius to face Pluto at 0 degrees. This a great time to express action that is true to your core. What authentically and passionately stirs your soul and activates your love for life? Venus soon follows Mars and wraps up this purposeful procession like the arrival of Santa Claus at the end of a Christmas parade. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars have all contributed their part to the Pluto in Aquarius conjunction at 0 degrees. Their meaningful succession supports our true identity, strategic planning, and motivation for right action. Venus enters on key to bring a new start in love for our self and each other. We will not want to carry pettiness, old ways of thinking, acting, and loving that no longer resonate with us at a core, cellular level. Get in touch with what lies deep within your heart. Begin the necessary steps, no matter how small, towards a version of yourself that speaks gently, compassionately yet bravely and confidently.

If that is not enough to explain the excitement you may be feeling in the air, there is much more. The next event that stands out the most is when Venus and Mars unite on February 22nd. There is nothing more symbolic than that! Everything surrounding this energy wants us to feel internally peaceful, solid, secure, and balanced. Imagine the feminine and masculine energies coming together to perform a dance. To master the dance, we must learn and practice the steps. How we learn it may be extremely individualized but when we come together knowing where to place our feet to move with grace and ease, we feel confident and enjoy the dance more. Mistakes might be made but we have the ability to get back into the flow much faster when we choose not to dwell on what went wrong. We move on with the rhythm of life. February’s skies want you to feel loved and bring love with you wherever you go. Our internal peace and love provide a wholeness that adds to the space we occupy. May your dancing space be full of love this February and the entire year!

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