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Risking for Needs

Though I risk losing,

I must open my mouth

for honor and respect.

Only with a clear conscience and brave heart,

Can I speak soberly.


Will not be permitted to enter

Through my door.

My voice, my words, my actions


When I leave this place

to confront and interact,

I will do my best

To find this even there.

I cannot desert

in a hole of hiding.

Last can go in two directions

As I offer the help

I need for myself.

With the gift of time,

I rebuild

From the nothingness

Of my aching heart.

These are the truest times

Of friendship, of camaraderie.

I must be strong and clear on what I will not accept in my life any longer for my young daughter’s sake. To the best of my ability, I am here to give her what she needs—not what she wants. The wants are up for debate. It’s important for me to be an example of integrity, wisdom, personal growth, and compassion to end detrimental cycles. How do I stand up for myself, keep learning, stay open, and protect myself all at the same time?

There are situations I must face, conversations I must have, issues I must work through and joys I must celebrate here. In this physical manifestation, I need to give and receive wisely to restore balance within. Practicality, logic, passion, and emotion are all necessary components to living a life to its fullest and greatest expression. Let's honestly assess what that means for our lives and take necessary risks to embody them in equal measure for the health and needs of the soul on its continuous journey.

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