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Rest, Just Rest

Today, I had to give up on what I was writing and just let go of frustration and fear. It can be challenging on days like today. I didn't know that Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn could wreak such havoc on my mind, but it seems to be doing just that. The more I try to overcome it, the more frustrated I become with my writing and rewriting.

I tuned into Hindz (link below) today, not really wanting to, but then glad I did because he reminded me of what I needed to ask for. And the words that popped up in my mind were "rest, just rest." I tried, but here I am back at this again. Except that my writing is totally different now than earlier. I am sure it is choppier, but it goes along with how my mind is functioning today. That's okay.

I don't have to be in the flow of my creative process every day especially when I am wanting to create authentically. This is what feels right today and so I am choosing to go with it. Releasing the struggle of making perfect sense and being an inspiration. That being said I am going to rest my mind now, but I will return in love, by love, and for love.

For inspiration, here is the link for Hindz of In Hindzight

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