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Reminders for the Confused and Overwhelmed

Today I reminded myself of three spiritual messages that I have already shared and would like to reiterate. I want to live my life having faith in them because they are very stabilizing in times of worry, indecision, and confusion. Sharing them again not only increases their power in me, but whomever reads this.

The first one was a reminder to clear my mind from all I think I know to start fresh and new. I had been filling my mind with figuring out what to write, think, say, and do to the point of confusion. In that energy, I became indecisive and could easily slide into a downward spiral of struggling with not knowing. Letting these thoughts subside in quiet put me in touch with a deeper knowing where decisions are made based in love.

That naturally brought me to the next reminder to enjoy the present moment instead of lingering in the past or worrying about the future. Too much time spent outside the present would become overwhelming and self-sabotaging. So, I focused on the love I have for the beautiful Florida morning right in front of me. When I sit in nature, I can connect strongly with what is already. It puts me at ease.

With that ease into connection, comes my third reminder. The Universe has my back. It is always there for me with messages, signs, symbols, and synchronicities to guide me when I allow my heart to open. As I gain clarity and listen, it brings me back to my connected self-a "place" where we all meet beyond our bodies, thoughts, and beliefs.

These three reminders, when intentionally applied to daily life, bring a deep inner peace. They are well worth the time and energy devoted to cultivating them. When we choose to view our Universe as a guide, we find reminders are everywhere in love, by love, and for love.

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