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Passion for Mediocre Living

I am not the best writer, an accomplished poet, or a genius. There is nothing I excel at in life, and I consider that a mediocre existence. People flinch when I say that. They think it is self-deprecating. In a world where attention goes to the best, the award-winner, the famous, and the gifted, it would seem like I am not motivated to accomplish great things. Let me assure you that I am. Being mediocre does not take away my desire to live a meaningful, passionate life. It does, however, change my perspective on what that means for mine.

It has taken me years to realize how much I compare my standards to worldly ones, and I am not free of it yet. Living in this world makes that process ongoing. We have been inundated by its messages and teachings since we were born, and it can distract us from living fully. Do we have to settle for someone else’s idea of accomplishment because that is the society of today? The world’s standards of success tempt me to succumb to them as they bombard my attention with what that means to others. Measuring up, comparing, and competing are tiring energies!

The network of awards, promotions, and algorithms may not work for me, so I am staying open to the possibility that it does not have to be an important part of my achievements. I am not here to show others how I am succeeding in the world by its latest and greatest feature or trend. There is a powerful force that cannot be manipulated and controlled by that, and it requires focusing and refocusing my attention on what is already within me—my own meaningful existence. Living from that space is a great accomplishment. Join me in NOT trying to be the best and claim the power of a mediocre life in love, by love, and for love!

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