Opportunities to Fulfill Intentions

As I pushed the broken-down vacuum across the floor leaving behind most of the particles it used to pick up easily, I thought how tired I was of the cycle of not having enough money in cases of unexpected expenses. It would be relieving to get a job and have an income again, but I would still have to be careful not to get into the same cycle just with a little more money. I had done that before. And there were always expenses coming up that would disrupt plans to escape the circular pattern. How would I really break the cycle?

This is what I have been working on for the past several years and felt like I was making progress as the less money I made, the more abundant I felt. Changing my mindset had been powerful, yet I felt a need to break free even further. My mission was to live a life I loved and have the money I needed to live it. and help others do the same. Looking for a job was not part of it, not currently anyway. I had to remember to place my focus on what I wanted, despite the hole in the ceiling that needed repairing, the car tires that needed replacement, and the other expenses coming up that would make a lengthy list. I had to remember that powerful law of attraction amid seeing the opposite around me. I had to believe in something else to see it come to be and move towards my intention for 2021 of matching my rich inner world with my outer one.

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