New November

Welcome November! Today, on this new moon in Scorpio the air is vibrant with healing capabilities. Unless others are sensitive to this energy, you may feel like the only one who recognizes it. Try not to let that convince you that it is not true. If it is real to you, it matters. Take time to quietly tap into this energy because it can bring profound changes to life, not necessarily tangible ones but in intangible ways.

May I suggest emptying all that you have learned to the best of your ability. Get to the intangible core where you find nothing but the deepest value you hold in life. What would that be? Remember what you always carry within and what carries you through. Keep in mind how that feels as you move through your day and return to it often whenever you need to recharge. If this practice has not been a part of your life, perhaps this new moon day would be a great time to begin it. Enjoy a powerful month!

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