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New Moon, Full Moon Ritual

As a new moon approaches, I want you to picture yourself as a sponge. Consider what you have learned and all the blessings you have encountered. You have absorbed a lot with all you have experienced. It may feel overwhelming and be time to release what has collected.

While the moon wanes to the point of not being visible, we can benefit from this cycle. The new moon is a time to clear out all that you have gathered over the previous two-week period. Imagine everything—thoughts, feelings, experiences, ideas—being squeezed out of you. Cry, meditate, chant, sing, run, dance, swim, write, scream, cleanse, shake it out—whatever feels best to empty all that has accumulated. As you release as much as possible, have faith that whatever is meant for you remains at your core—the real self. From that strong space, open to fresh energy. And in that open space, in the darkness of unknown, set intentions that bring possibility to life instead of fear. Meaningful intentions are for healing and deep soul work. They need time, patience, and processing to unfold. From your heart, what do you intend to focus on in the next two weeks? What would you like to see manifest, and what energy are you moving forward with to help make it a reality?

Once the intentions are set and the new moon passes, collection begins again, filling you up with lessons and blessings as the moon waxes over the next two weeks to become its fullest. At the full moon, the sponge has expanded and reached full capacity from absorbing all of life once again. Believe this cycle is happening for you and you will find that it does. Direct your attention to what is brought to you to grow and strengthen with an energy of appreciation for it all being a part of your intentions. It is time to take notice of what its light brings. It is time for gratitude and celebration before restarting the emptying process. Once again—cry, meditate, chant, sing, run, dance, swim, write, scream, cleanse, shake—whatever makes you feel wonderful.

The moon’s dance is an ongoing one that symbolizes how life can be. It gives us opportunities to choose a fresh start again and again. Recognizing the moon’s cycle as a metaphor for life becomes liberating as you realize the promise of new beginnings and your power to create through intentions while remaining grateful of both lessons and blessings. Decompress to each new moon and soak in each full moon allowing the benefits to become your ritual for life.

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