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Neptune Bravery

Let your mind be muddled today. Don’t fight for clarity. Overreactions can occur in that struggle. Even though you may decide based in that, at this point you may have no other choice to retain a peaceful state. Whether it appears to be right or wrong in the future, let go of needing to know now because you cannot know. Take a rest from planning and figuring everything out in detail. Unfoldment and discovery of truth are not based in logical thinking. The mind needs to succumb and subside to a wholeness that does not make perfect sense. Even as I write in my journal, an inner voice assures me not to try too hard to be clear. Flow is the rhythm to write words. Maybe later, understanding will come. It is okay to let go, ease up, and accept what is, exactly as it is.

Neptune reminds us of the power outside our normal thought patterns. Confusing, perhaps menacing at first, for only the bravest pioneers forge through its smokescreen that holds doubt, unworthiness, guilt, and shame. Lucky for us, we all have that brave archetype within. It runs through our veins. It begs us through inspiration, blissful moments, and painful ones, “Remember who you are.” Keep discovering the blessing you bring wherever you go. Whatever your current state of mind, open to your brave soul where gentleness resides. It takes courage and strength to let that vulnerable energy be your guide through unknown, yet it will provide a solution beyond any current situation. What does my brave soul urge me to do today? Share this with you. My writing may not be perfect or even make sense, but it is what I am called to do in this moment. It can be that simple in love, by love, for love.

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