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My Humble Apology

I would like to apologize to a person who I treated improperly. I did not understand at the time, but in hindsight, I am clearer on why she was upset with me. She was a client of the employment agency I was working for and at first, I think she felt accepted by me and that I treated her with respect, but then one day, I blew it. I became haughty and she called me on it. At that point, my humility was nowhere to be found. She stormed out as I stood my ground. My lack of sensitivity to her experience caused her to leave and never speak to me again.

It took years to fully understand and take an honest assessment of myself. I remember this incident often when I hear the word humility and how one little moment of not remembering it can bring remorse. I don't know where she is in her life now, but I am putting this out in the Universe hoping someone benefits from my apology. I am sorry that I made you feel less than the bright and beautiful person you are just as you are, and I hope you are doing well in life.

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