Mr. Toad Contributes His Part

Mr. Toad came to deliver a message today. He likes my patio just as much as I do. It is peaceful and shady, but still sunlight manages to sparkle through the trees. He reminded me to soften, be gentle, and absorb the light to let love guide me. He also needed to be told how cute he was before he would tell me more, so I obliged. Then, he hopped closer, so I wouldn’t miss any of his valuable words.

“Though I may not look the part of a prince or princess, my message is important to proclaim—a message of love. The power of eternal love in a small endeavor is more important than looking the part.”

He hopped away on his tiny legs that still quickly moved his unproportioned body forward. Thank you for your symbolism and encouraging message, Mr. Toad.

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