Moments in the Sun

Already feeling the Sun in Libra in harmony with Jupiter in Aquarius. It is a great aspect to bring back some hope and possibilities. It gives me hope through a challenging time. No matter what is happening in my life, I must continue this creative journey—the one that speaks to my soul and makes life worth living. Even when my head is full of worrisome thoughts and my quiet time becomes a tumultuous thunderstorm difficult to maintain equilibrium through, I can wait patiently for clearer, brighter days. Today happens to bring some respite.

Nothing lasts forever so I soak up these moments in the Sun as it shines its light on Jupiter. Just as there will be more storms ahead, there will also be more joyful days ahead. Despite the ups and downs and back and forth of life, I will strive for calm energy that helps the flow instead of remaining stuck in what happens or fears of what will happen. As the Sun does its part in this process, I do my best bringing mine to light softening any hardened places that need to be dislodged from the body, heart, and mind.

There is purpose to everything, whether it be to strengthen us or liberate us. We must accept each moment because they won’t last forever. If we try to hold unto anything, it only gets in our way. As soon as a moment takes place, it becomes status quo that we must release, even little by little. What needs to be released in your heart or mind that is interfering with a meaningful, flowing existence? Let it go because today encourages just that.

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