Mercury Shines and Neptune Smiles

Mercury shows off in Virgo proclaiming, "Look at me. My critical thinking skills are top-notch! From the time the sun hits your eyes until they close with the moon, I am lighting up your mind with strategic plans, ideas, and endless thoughts. But these are not aimless ones, they can resolve issues and better lives. Hone in on the details with me, and we can get the job done and done well!"

Upon hearing Mercury's voice echo across the sky, Neptune smiles slowly. She knows her important work in Pisces continues during the increase of Virgo energy as Venus, Mars, Mercury, and soon the Sun proceed through it. She would have to remain strong and remind everyone to also rest and quiet the mind. Although what Mercury shouted could be true, some may take it to the extreme instead of balancing it with restorative ways such as rest, meditation, music, dance, nature, and all the gentleness life holds for their benefit. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply, and imagined a healthy world's vibration. It felt powerful with thoughts and plans based in compassion, equality, and love for the whole. Neptune knew Mercury also understood the restorative value of stillness, and if forgotten in all the Virgoan brilliance, there would be reminders. And her slow, peaceful smile continued.

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