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Mercury Mockery

As Mercury retraces his steps in Gemini, in the shadow of where he was beginning in mid-May, he lures me into going back to rehash what has already been several times within his retrograde period as well as other cycles and transitions from years past. No! He is not going to trick me into thinking that it is okay to revisit this worn-out pattern. Not today. I am tired of it. Right or wrong, I say no, I am moving forward to the next right thing! Whatever is meant to follow me, will, to be worked out at a later time. Even though I am not perfectly still and at peace, that is okay. I will continue to learn and observe the lessons given to me.

A squirrel in the tree above is having a temper tantrum (well, that is what it sounds like). He reminds me of the ranting Astrologer I listened to yesterday. Some people are having a difficult time with their anger and resentment. Today I hold a space full of patience, understanding, and deep compassion for all wounds that are coming up to be healed. Though some may mock and reject the very thing that offers that healing, healers must heal. That is what they have been readying for in this difficult transitional time. We all have a place in the spectrum of life as we move forward to a collective healing.

This is a crucial time to choose healing instead of hate. At this point, rehashing leads to anger, frustration, and endless battles of the mind. Let's choose healing today and as many days as necessary to make it a normal part of our lives. As we stay patient and open to learn what that means for each of us, we allow different healing paths to unfold knowing that anything needed for our choice will follow us until we have the courage to face it. When we are ready to let it go, we will free ourselves of the burden that held us prisoner, clouded our vision, and left us for dead. Rebirth yourself today through this healing choice in love, by love, for love.

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