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Mars and Venus Unite!

From communication to activity, Mars in Leo is tired of holding back and being quiet. This masculine drive wants to do something different while having fun with family, friends, and those close on a daily basis. He wants to courageously live from the heart, to be seen and heard, and to express from a place of mastery where inner wisdom matches outer expression-the wisdom of a King who has seen his Queen as his equal. Mars waits for Venus to see the match he now knows as possible. While she nears, he conserves energy, builds momentum, and strengthens his internal foundation.

In the last critical degree of Cancer, Venus makes her presence known. Mars may have sneaked through without revealing the truth, but she wants love to be recognized and acknowledged for bringing to life the very heart and soul. The gentle, vibrant Divine Feminine within, still feeling that spiritual boost from Neptune, will bring those clear messages with her into Leo. She knows the Divine Masculine energy must step up to meet her in Leo where their bond can strengthen more than ever before. Together, they will uncover conflicts that bring destruction of illusions, letting go of them for a new, evolved way of life. Joining fronts, hands, and forces, they prepare for the journey. The pathway arrives, the carpet unrolls for the next adventure to cycle through. Balance is restored in the Kingdom as the Divine Feminine and Masculine share their self-mastery with the world.

Remember the Divine energies that reside in each and every one of us. July will be like no other month you have known before. Stay receptive, humble, balanced, and ready for the truth to shine through in love, by love, and for love.

After I wrote this, I listened to Molly McCord's Mars and Venus Conjunct in Leo podcast. Check it out:

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