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Love Answers

Is it possible to function in this world when you make everything about love? Can we survive and thrive remaining in love to do so? Will we be supported with ideas, wisdom, and knowing how to proceed in love, by love, and for love? These are the questions I ask myself and the following is the answer I received.

I’m working to build stability, remain simple, and remember my values as I move towards the life I love. I take time to nourish myself, my children, family, and my surroundings to create from heart-centeredness. There is time for this. This life is important and worth the effort to make it more of a reality than a dream, and I am not alone in this endeavor.

As I tune into the energies around me, I catch even a mere inkling of others who wish for a life they love. I understand the time it takes to build it and recognize the opportunity I have been given; the time to expand that energy between us. We join together, if only for a moment, but it is enough. A simple wish, a moment, or an inkling can crack open a new beginning. Cracks expand leading to more openings. Light seeps through to shine away a bit of darkness and fear, creating momentum to continue. Thus, the journey begins.

Take time to feel the slightest opening to your heart today. Be grateful for something as small as a smile-not just from another-but given to another. Get in touch with these tiny openings within you and begin to bring the light you were meant to share into your environment. Feel inspired to simply give today and receive for yourself the value, importance, and power of your existence. Together, we will move steadily through a sometimes very dark tunnel to discover not only light at the end of it but seeping through everywhere. Love does this. Love is the way.

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