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Libra Season Reflections

As a female cardinal came to visit the tree in front of my patio this morning, she reminded me of feminine energy. I reflected on that for a while. At this time Virgo season has ended and Libra season has begun. It is a time for receiving information, messages, guidance, and all that is needed. It is not necessary to get something done in a brash and bold way. Although tasks are still around to be completed, the organization that has occurred through the previous season allows more of a flow to take place. It is time to value the confidence and calm in knowing that a balance has been restored between feminine and masculine energy.

Libra is a masculine sign of equality, balance, and justice ruled by Venus, a feminine planet representing love, relationships, and beauty. This balancing out energy graces my life. As I spend these moments reaffirming that all I need comes to me, I know it is in preparation for the times masculine energy will be more evident. The feminine part has to remain brave, clear, open, and intuitive to feel guided and at her best. The masculine has a chance to be led by this wisdom and inner knowing but must rest and intensify his listening skills.

As a female in a very masculine oriented world, I have spent many years lost in that energy of devaluing the feminine side. I am grateful for this time to reflect on the importance and honor that side deserves. As we step into this new beginning where both energies intertwine with symbiotic mastery, we have an opportunity to live in a way that offers harmony within and extends outward evenly.

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