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Intense Mercury RX Square Pluto RX Energy Requires Quiet

Are you feeling the energy of Mercury retrograde squaring Pluto retrograde that started last month around the 22nd? It is intense! This aspect will subside around November 2nd. Quiet, meditation, anything that brings peace is crucial if you are feeling overwhelmed by thoughts, fears, frustration, etc. Hang in there. Just being aware of why you might be feeling or thinking extra these days can help you realize you are not alone. You are not going crazy. Let your worries subside as much as possible. Believe me, I am telling myself this as I write.

Some of us who were born with Mercury squaring Pluto in our natal charts may be accustomed to this type of energy and dealing with it much better. If so, I ask those people to reach out and offer encouragement for anyone who may be struggling. Reassure them that they will make it through and be better for it. That is part of the reason you were born with that aspect. We are all born with specific energies that can help us handle certain times better than others. That is what the Zodiac wheel is all about and why our differences are meant to come together to form a circle of life that unites and builds strength.

So while many of us are going through so much personally, please don’t stand by and simply scoff. Do what you were born to do. Offer your genuine loving support or just be quiet like the rest of us are trying to do. For those of us who are struggling, I think it is best that we all stay very quiet, breathe, and tell ourselves it will be okay. We’ve got this! Remember any tools and techniques that can help in getting through this time. Every thought counts so let's make it a powerful, uplifting one that moves us into the direction we really want and stabilizes our minds in love, by love, for love.

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