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Inspired by Anger to Let Love Win

As Mars and Venus are in mutual reception, traveling through each other’s home signs, they tend to take on each other’s qualities and characteristics to survive. But in survival mode, thriving is forgotten. I am remembering its importance today as I return to focus on love. Love isn’t always soft. It can get very firm, but there is a thin line between firm and angry that seems easy to cross right now. Masculine energy is extra strong wanting to fight for control over the more sensitive, intuitive feminine energy, doubting her capability to stand in her own power based in love.

I see this battle in myself—ranting and raving—wanting to defend my own femininity. I feel a need to stand up and say “Listen to my voice for a change, a softer, gentler one—the one you ridicule, but the aggressive masculine side of me wants to talk over that voice and handle it in a way that is a habitual pattern. It wants to yell and get loud. This cycle has reached a breaking point and needs serious calming. In defensive mode, feminine energy won’t receive the nourishment needed for balance. These battles between my own yin and yang must stop and blend together instead of escalating into loud, aggressive rants.

The battle within is what I can control. This anger has come up for a reason and needs to be scrutinized, seen for what it represents, and released in a way that is not harmful. If I don’t let go of anger, I might continue to take all of it out into the world. Today I quiet and turn inward to learn what lies beyond the frustration. Giving time, attention, and focus needed, I dedicate myself to soft, gentle, peaceful me because the only way for this side to be heard in a loud environment is to change the inner environment first. There really is no battle to be won, only love to be given, starting with the self and working its way out from there. I remember love, and I let it win today.

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