Hawk Delivers Full Moon Message

When stripped to the core, can we find gratitude? The hawk screeches across the sky unusually visible and loud as if to warn what once was his prey, becoming an ally for the greater good.

What can I see from a new vantage point? What will help me become all right with what I once thought all wrong? The full moon wants to reveal a message of gratitude for what I couldn't see yesterday to be thankful for it today. It's protection, my core strength and value, wisdom gained to share with others but mainly to help myself, and tears offering relief of pain and suffering.

Sad to the core, yet the core still stands, still heals. Somewhere deep inside a tiny dot of light, barely noticeable, remains strong enough to find gratitude. I surrender to it, letting it guide me through darkness to join forces with other upcoming dots until clusters of them form an array of sparkling, dancing light. They gain intensity, balancing forces so that humility survives.

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