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Good Morning Old "Friend"

I heard you morning Moon, in the first degrees of Scorpio, up to your old tricks again. Before I rose from bed, you were in my ear trying to mess with my mind. “Don’t be too available. Don’t trust. You were just too much, too open, and revealing. You weren’t given enough to give that much. You scare people away when you get like that.”

At first, I thought it was a message of love and protection, but after the morning haze lifted, I realized how fearful it made me. That voice filled me with uneasiness, doubts, and second-guessing. Those thoughts had no place waking me up like that, centered in past and future fears. Was I just going to let that little voice set the tone for my day, or worse yet, for life? These are important, crucial moments of decision-making. As small as they appear, they can become mountains that block our true power and strength.

Let’s recognize the voice of fear. Then keep heading in a heart-centered direction striving to dispel the thoughts that sneak in unexpectedly, habitually, and detrimentally. These are the details we must face in our personal and collective lives to work through them on a very deep psychological level. Do it with heart and soul, and that choice will have you feeling empowered instead of scared—strengthened not weakened. You will know you made the right choice as you step out of old, tired ways, ideas, and patterns with a heart full of courage and love.

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