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Focus Redirected

After I read an astrology aspect I am supposed to be personally experiencing, I was tempted to take it to heart, and if I had, I might not have written today or any day. That is one person’s idea, perspective, and slant on it. Granted it may be educated but at the same time, all aspects have their darker elements and lighter elements. That is why I look for the strength and purpose provided in every astrological aspect. I need to focus on the light side more than a darker one that tempts me into doubts, insecurities, and giving up. That view won’t motivate me to continue living a valuable life I love. Fortunately, I have put effort and time into redirecting my focus and have become much better at resisting what would lead me into the doldrums.

With so much cynicism, pessimism, and gloom and doom forecasted around us, it is easy to get swept up in that atmosphere. I hope I can offer something else. I want to promote what is at our core—the strength to make it through darker times. I want to focus on what can help us feel motivated to continue moving forward. Some of us need to be reminded that there is more to life than darkness. We are not our insecurities, habits, or even our thoughts. At the same time, these are all important when we recognize our valuable influence in relationships and society, but they can be changed and redirected. I’m tired of choosing to believe someone else’s view when it does not help me feel strong. This morning, I chose what I needed to focus on despite discouragement. Where is your focus?

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