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Filter This/Uranus Speaks

Signs, symbols, synchronicities-all miracles of the day-abound in nature and enter my heart and soul through whispers of the wind and tweets of the birds. I am grateful for my unique filter. It is okay to have one. A filter can be transparent instead of cloudy. It needs to be cleared and maintained so that the light shines brightly through it, the air travels freely, and what is within aligns with what comes out, without disturbances, clogs, and blocks. Uranus helps remove the tiniest of particles that can cause blockages.

The only outer planet that is direct in our sky at this time is Uranus in Taurus. He still wants to make a point, make changes, and dig up some more unstable foundations until he turns retrograde in August. Then, he will begin to reiterate several points he made previously asking, "Remember what I said here? Remember what you decided was valuable to you here? You will have a little more time, but when I come back through in January, I will be direct and help you make the necessary changes. In the meantime, I do hope you realize their importance and make progress with them. I don't want to make a scene, but I will if necessary to jolt you awake and away from what isn't working. You are valuable, and I am here to help you make choices out of knowing that."

Uranus advises you of what you already know if you have listened deeply to your core values and understood the revisions that need to happen. If not, or if you just haven't found the courage, don't be afraid of his help. You will find the strength to go through what comes up. You have it in you at your very core-the heart and soul within. You are valuable and important to this planet, the universe, and beyond in love, by love, and for love!

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