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February's Focus

For the second morning in a row, the loud, obnoxious, warring sound of birds filled the sky as I sat on the patio. All of this activity seemed to want my attention. The message that it is time to say goodbye to distracting remnants dangling by a thread that just need one more clip, cut, or pull to be free of their weight radiated through the atmosphere.

Past situations, worries, resentments, fears, frustration, and hate are no longer necessary when we replace them with self-love, self-acceptance, self-care, and moving on. Suffering may have gotten us to a point but will no longer be the best motivator for what’s ahead. It is a great time to begin opening to the release of those psychological burdens that have kept us down. Just a little willingness starts the process.

After these morning contemplations, the birds softened their conversation. Doves cooed. The sky, still vibrant and full of sounds, took on a whole new tone. We mellowed together and provided an incredible feeling worth remembering especially for times when warring, loud birds return and distract us because they want attention. We then have a choice to make on where to place our focus. Let’s decide by simply asking ourselves, “What would love have me do, think, say, be?”, let our hearts enlighten us as to what that personally means, and move forward in that energy.

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