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Escape a Mess on Mars

Let's face it. We all have a mess to clean up here on Earth, and it starts individually. Our wounds have inflicted great pain and suffering not only on ourselves but our planet. We don't even know where they originated from. Sometimes we think we do. We attempt to place blame to get rid of the cause, but it cannot be dispelled in blame, only in forgiveness. The process of forgiveness can be a long, difficult one, but when we deny its importance, we also deny a natural part of us.

In true forgiveness, blame is not a necessary component. We have turned to our judgements and perceptions as a base before we decide to forgive instead of basing our decision in love in which forgiveness is a natural part. We have turned it into a difficult, unnatural act and made our wounds more powerful. These wounds can be extremely traumatic, but we are here on this Earth to heal, and that is what we must do. We cannot escape to Mars and hope for a fresh, new start with the same attitude that we found painful and destructive here on this planet lest the same patterns continue. It is the responsibility of each individual to address these wounds to heal them no matter how long it takes.

If you are tired of living in pain and suffering, commit today to forge a path of forgiveness and love here and now for this Earthly existence. Be responsible for your own state of mind and what healing requires of you at the deepest level of being. When we work towards the freedom that true forgiveness provides, we allow a new life to be born inside of us wherever we are located. We have no need to run away to another planet because we destroyed this one. We are home doing what we came here to do. Look within yourself, forgive yourself, and begin cleaning up the mess in love, by love, and for love.

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