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Earning the Vibration of Love

Even though working in the insurance industry for ten years was difficult, I see many valuable lessons I had to learn there. The overall theme, which seemed to be a life theme for me, was how to protect my energy to maintain a balance in my life. I tended to put my focus, time, attention, and emotion into others wanting to help them feel good about themselves to the point of losing focus on myself and what I needed. It often led to feeling rejected, unappreciated, and alone because it was was more evident to me than anyone else. I would then feel sorry for myself because no one understood how much I gave. Without their acknowledgement, I doubted my worth and value. If I hadn't opened to learning how to bring myself out of that energy of self-pity and into a vibration of love, I probably would not be here today.

This venture into love started long ago but until I became aware of my worthiness, there was no point to the journey. When I started to understand that my importance, value, and part in the world was not dependent on others, I stepped into an awareness of possibilities. I became a creator of my life, and the real work began. My heart opened and expanded, and I began to explore the vibration of love. It was not easy or romantic for the most part, but I knew it was the path I was meant to be on.

Even though my life experiences were not always happy and carefree, the belief that I was in the right place at the right time to learn lessons in love, pulled me through. I had to appreciate every experience because of my choice to believe it had purpose, even my long stay in the insurance field that I did not resonate with. I wanted to leave, but the security of the job, pulled me in as I did my best to learn and grow there. Finally, the day arrived when I was given signs and prompts that it was time to go. I was internally afraid but ready to move on to the next right place to continue learning valuable lessons knowing wherever I went, I was meant to learn there.

Today that "place" is in the security of deep, deep love. I remembered it and knew I was meant to be there, expanding further than before. It is a part of our memory, sometimes deeply protected within because it is powerful enough to change lives and remove status quo. I brought it out, up, and around into the open air to share a vibration that can only be caught to earn its magnificence and express it through our life experiences in love, by love, and for love.

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